Radio Remote Control

The most common and cost effective way to operate your gates is by using a hand held radio remote control device. This allows a typical range of 30-50 metres depending upon conditions.   Intercom Systems There are a number of audio and video entry systems available to allow communication between the gates and the house. Any number of additional telephone handsets or video monitors can be added to the system. The gates can be operated from any monitor. It is also possible to incorporate a digital keypad into the external station to gain access through the gates. Proximity, Card and Key access Devices Proximity card and key access systems can all be incorporated into any automation system. Usually used for large numbers of users.

Safety Devices

Safety devices are designed to stop the gates/ barriers closing on whilst obstructed by vehicles, pedestrians or pets. The most common type of safety device is a photocell system fitted between the gate posts and if necessary behind. Loop Devices Induction loops installed in the ground can provide safety and auto exit for vehicles however they are unable to sense pedestrians. Timers Time clock systems can be added to open gates at certain times of the day or week for tradesman, bin men, postman or business working hours. Locks A range of locks are available for additional security.